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JiJi Comes to Clarke

JiJi math or Spatial – Temporal Math or ST Math is a game based math software designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual learning.  The games are designed to improve conceptual understanding and problem solving skills.  The approach consists of language independent, animated representations of math concepts.

What parents need to know about JiJi
Think of JiJi as a video game you’ve allowed your child to download.  Do you usually watch over your child’s shoulder and tell him/her how to play the game? Do you tell your child what to do when he/she “loses a life” or how to get to the next level?  The same goes for JiJi – resist the urge to tell your child how to get JiJi across the screen.  Each child must figure it out on his/her own. 

If you would like to read more about the development of JiJi or watch the Ted Talk by the creator of the program visit

If you have questions about its use in Clarke County Public Schools, please contact Shelly Pine at

J-WMS offering Pre Algebra

Johnson-Williams is excited to offer Pre Algebra beginning in 2017-2018. One of the major reasons for this change stems from the new Math Standards of Learning which will be taught beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.  The Virginia Department of Education has included a new definition of Algebra Readiness which states that “‘Algebra readiness’ describes the mastery of, and the ability to apply, the Mathematics Standards of Learning, including the Mathematical Process Goals for Students, for kindergarten through grade 8.”  The full statement can be found at the following location on page vii.

In anticipation of this new definition, Pre Algebra in grade 6 will include the new 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade standards. Pre-Algebra in 7th grade will include most of the 7th grade standards and all 8th grade standards. Pre-Algebra in 8th grade will include the new 8th grade standards. These curriculum definitions will ensure students receive instruction through the 8th grade standards prior to taking Algebra I the high school credit bearing course.

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