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Cue Think

Clarke County Public Schools has added CueThink to mathematics classrooms in grades 4 - 8. CueThink is an innovative application and a pedagogy focused on improving critical thinking skills and math collaboration for students in grades 2 - 12. The mission is to foster a growth mindset and empower students to see challenges as opportunities.

There are 4 phases for students to work through in every problem:

  • The Understand Phase is where students notice, wonder and estimate solutions.

  • The Plan Phase is where students consider strategies to solve a problem and write a detailed plan for their solution.

  • The Solve Phase is where students solve the problem using their plan and make a recording explaining their thinking.

  • The Review Phase is where students check to be sure they have considered all aspects of the problem, watch their recording to ensure others will understand their work and check their answer against their estimate from the understand phase.

Once submitted, other students watch the recordings and provide ANNOTATIONS providing feedback so that the student can make improvements and re-record.  

The objective is not to finish problems quickly but to continue to return to solutions to make their communication about how to solve a problem BETTER.

Students tell you how to help with math at home.   Cooley Students   Boyce Students

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