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Instructional Resources for Teachers

Helpful Links for Teachers
Addition Fact Practice:  Alien Addition (basic addition facts); Reindeer Cafe (basic fact practice)
Counting Money:  Money Practice; Feed the Dolphins
Interactive Learning Sites - Great Math Games!
Khan Academy - Instructional Videos
Learn Zillion - Instructional Videos / Tutorials
Math Antics - Instructional Video Clips
Multiplication Facts: Allen Munchtime; Cookie Capers
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
VDOE Teacher Direct
Watch Know Learn

Instructional Videos
Addition - Subtraction of Integers
Hand Gestures for Operations
Mingle and Count - kinesthetic techniques and math talk to improve number sense

Multiplication Tables with Missing Values
12s table missing 12 answers
12s table missing 20 answers
12s table missing 40 answers
12s table missing 50 answers
12s table missing 60 answers
12s table missing 70 answers
Complete table through 12s

Place Values
101 and Out!! - Two students compete against each other using their place value knowledge
Trash Can Game - Students practice writing, reading and comparing decimals

Performance Tasks