Registration Information

New Student Registration

Where do I register my child?

         Registration is done at the school your child is to attend.

Who can register a child?

Natural and/or custodial guardian

What items are required for registration?

1.    Original or certified copy of Birth Certificate (photocopies are not accepted)
If parent name or birth certificate is different than yours, please bring the court order, military order, adoption papers, foster care, etc. that explains the custodial parent and difference in name from child. §22.1-3.1 Code of Virginia
        A.    Real Estate tax bill, lease agreement on property in Clarke County, mortgage agreement
        B.    Voter Registration card or utility bill.

If you are living in Clarke County without a lease and you don't own the residence, you may have the owner complete the Property Owner's Certification for Residence form and present the notarized copy at registration.  §22.1-4.1 Code of Virginia

If entering for the first time in Virginia, the following are required:
Part I: Health Information
Part II: Certification of Immunizations
Part III: Comprehensive Physical Examination Report confirming physical within 12 months of current date.  
§22.1-270 Physical Examination
§22.1-271.2 Immunization Requirements

4.    For non-resident students: Tuition Application, Tuition Contract

I am transferring from another school outside of Clarke County, what do I need?
    Please provide the name, address, phone number, and fax number of the previous school attended.

I don't live in Clarke County, can my child still attend?
The School Board of Clarke County provides for a tuition-free education to students satisfying the
residence provisions of Policy JEC School Admission, Regulation JEC-CCPS-R  or covered under Policy
JECA Admission of Homeless Children. The Superintendent or designee may approve the enrollment of    non-resident students in Clarke County Public Schools on a case-by-case basis when the following criteria are considered, along with the recommendation of the school principal in which the non-resident student is seeking admission, and tuition payment is made.  An approved admission request in no case shall be for greater than one school year, or the remainder of a school year when the application is made after the start of the school year. Clarke County Public Schools is not responsible to provide transportation to and from school for approved non-resident students.