Shelly Pine, Math Specialist -

Summer Math FUN!!

Students in grades K - 3 enjoy ST Math and complete the Summer Break Challenge.

Students in grades 4 and 5 enjoy Cuethink and as you encounter real life problems, add them here for consideration for addition to the problem bank.

Students in grades 6 - 8 continue to enjoy ALEKS and learn even more this summer.

Students in Algebra I - Calculus, your needs vary greatly - contact Mrs. Pine for suggestions for summer math fun.

Cue Think Information

Students tell you how to help with math at home. Cooley Students Boyce Students

Students at D. G. Cooley demonstrate many ways to "do" math problems.

Students at Boyce show how to "do" math problems.

Helpful Links for Parents

How can you help your child with homework?

AAA Math Website: free math practice, lessons and games

ALEKS: middle and high school program designed to provide students with ready to learn instruction

Cool Math: math skills practice in the form of games

Cue Think: problem solving communication program

Fun4theBrain: math games

Illuminations: NCTM - lessons and games from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Interactive Sites for Education: GREAT math games

IXL Math: free trials and practice

Khan Academy: step by step instructional videos

Math and Business Games for Kids

Math Blaster

Math Games and Resources

Number Fun: Counting Activities for Kids

SOL Teacher - To find available activities, click on the grade level, subject, and then specific standard.

ST MATH - JiJi: instructional program using very few words to help students learn math

Teachable Moments for Parents: Scholastic Channel on YouTube

Tutoring - The Best Way to Learn Anything