School Attendance Zones

School assignment is determined by residence address. School boundaries are reevaluated each year and may be adjusted accordingly, school boundary information is provided for the current school year only.

School attendance areas are established by the Clarke County School Board and students shall attend the school in the attendance area in which they reside.

Changes in attendance areas shall be determined by the School Board, upon recommendation of the division superintendent, based on the need to provide for the orderly administration of the schools, the competent instruction of the students, and the health, safety, best interests and general welfare of all students. Prior to making a change to attendance areas the School Board shall hold a public hearing on the proposed changes, with appropriate notice of such hearing being made by advertisement in a local newspaper in general circulation, posting in the central office of the school division and at the Clerk of the School Board’s office, and on the school division’s website.

The following attendance areas have been established for Clarke County Public Schools:

Berryville Area

All students in grades K‑5 who live north of the boundary line (see map below) will attend D. G. Cooley Elementary School.

Boyce Area

All students in grades K - 5 who live outside the town limits of Berryville (except for one stop on Blue Ridge Street) south of Route 7 and including Route 7 to the Shenandoah River, but not beyond the river, will attend Boyce Elementary School. Boom Road is considered to be "in town".

To review the Boundary Map, please follow the link below, click on Map Layers and check School Districts. Berryville area is in red and Boyce area is in green.