Access to Wi-Fi

Clarke County Public Schools (CCPS) is committed to providing its students with a device and connectivity to the fullest extent possible. Please use the sections below to learn of the most common technology utilized in CCPS as well as how to request a student device (if no device is available to your student) and the location of free Wi-Fi in the Clarke County area.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Any family having issues with or lacking connectivity (Wi-Fi access) can contact their school's administrator to begin the process to receive a Wi-Fi hot-spot. CCPS has a limited number of filtered Wi-Fi hotspots available for student check-out. The devices are available through check-out from the library media centers and are intended for educational purposes only for students who do not have access to Internet at home.

These Wi-Fi hot-spots utilize the Verizon mobile network to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal. Please check this website ( ) to see if mobile service works in your area. Kajeet hotspot information.

These hotspots can: access Google Classroom, download files for class and learning, edit Google Docs, and allow for asynchronous learning.

These hotspots can't: allow for synchronous virtual learning, stream/connect to Google Meet live, access YouTube unless video is approved by the teacher through Classroom.

Please note that there are a finite number of hot-spots that are given out on a first come, first served basis.

Wi-Fi Available Within Clarke County

This map shows the locations within Clarke County with free Wi-Fi access. You can zoom in, select locations, and more via the tool icons on the map. If you'd like to submit more locations for inclusion on the map, please submit this form

β€’ Blue Ridge Fire Department** ccpublic

β€’ Boyce Elementary School** | CCPS Community WiFi, Located at the back of the building/front of the gym & car loop.

β€’ CCPS Offices

β€’ Clarke County High School** | CCPS Community WiFi, Located to the left of the front entrance.

β€’ Clarke County Historical Association* call to schedule time

β€’ Clarke County Maintenance**

β€’ Clarke County Parks and Recreation** ccpublic

β€’ Clarke County Public Library ** near front doors

β€’ D.G. Cooley Elementary School* accessible along sidewalk outside

β€’ Jim's Country Store **

β€’ Johnson-Williams Middle School ** EnGenius5C1B06_1-2.4GHz, rear parking lot near building

β€’ Martin's Foods**

β€’ McDonald's** (Berryville and Waterloo)

β€’ Parks & Rec Internet Cafe October | November (preregistration required)

β€’ Sheetz** (Waterloo)

β€’ Subway/Dunkin' Donuts** (Waterloo)

*secured network = username and/or password required

**open network = no password required

Other Avenues to Connectivity

β€’ Comcast is offering free Xfinity WiFi hotspot access to anyone in response to COVID-19. Click here for the official announcement and further details. Click here to search an interactive map to locate hotspots for a particular address or location.

β€’ Comcast offers Internet Essentials to families and other low-income households who do not currently subscribe to Internet at home. Click here for further details, including eligibility requirements, pricing, and how to apply.

β€’ Shenandoah University is offering SU-CommunityConnect WiFi free and available to the public from 7 am to 8 pm in response to COVID-19. Click here for the official announcement and further details. Click here for a map of the access locations on their campus.

β€’ Handley Regional Library offers free mobile hotspots available for check out from their 3 library locations. Click here for further details.

β€’ Websites showing free WiFi Locations (CCPS has no affiliation with the establishments in these reviews, the review process, or the service availability, we are simply providing the list as a resource.)