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Health Services

Our nurses are available to support the well-being of each student's health. School nurses, directed by the Virginia Department of Education and the Virginia Department of Health, are dedicated to school health programs and supporting the success of all students.

Parents are asked to contact the school nurse if a child has any special health needs that must be provided during school hours. The nurse will facilitate and coordinate arrangements for meeting the needs, along with parent and physician collaboration and input.

The school clinic does not serve as the student's physician or primary care provider.

New Immunization Requirements for K, 7th, and 12th Graders

To align with current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations, the 2020 General Assembly passed House Bill 1090 which amends the minimum vaccination requirements for attendance at a public or private elementary, middle or secondary school, child care centers, nursery schools, family home day care, or developmental center.


This legislation becomes effective July 1, 2021, and amends the Code of Virginia § 32.1-46.A.4 to require:



If you have any questions, please contact your School Nurse or the Lord Fairfax Health District Berryville Office at 540-955-1033.

2024-25 K Immunization Requirements - Spanish

2024-25 K Immunization Requirements - English 


Administration of Medications

Parents are advised to give medication at home whenever possible.  If it is necessary to provide medication during school hours, the following guidelines must be followed:

Medication Authorization Forms