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Volunteers, Mentors, and Chaperones

The Clarke County School Board supports and encourages the active participation of parents and members of the community in providing and extending educational opportunities for children. The involvement of parents, volunteers and others in the community who can serve as a resource to schools is a fundamentally important component of successful school programs. The administration of each school will direct the activities of parents, volunteers and other community resources at the building level. 

To become a volunteer, chaperone, or mentor you must complete an application annually.  Please submit applications to the School Board Office 317 W. Main St., Ste A , Berryville, VA 22611.

Please Note: Persons providing overnight supervision will be subject to additional background checks at their own expense, including, but not limited to fingerprinting.  Volunteers and chaperones for overnight trips must come to the School Board Office to obtain paperwork for additional background checks. Payment for fingerprinting must be paid up front. The fee is $37.00, cash and checks only. Make checks payable to the "Clarke County Treasurer".