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Theresa Holliday, Administrative Assistant

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Randy Trenary, Director of Operations


Safety Is Our Mission!

Our team of drivers will strive to make each and every ride as safe as possible for your children.

Important Considerations During the First Two Weeks of School

The first two weeks of school are hectic. Your child may be attending school for the first time or attending a new campus within our district. Please keep in mind during those weeks that we also have new drivers.

  • Make sure you and your children are at the bus stop 5 minutes before your scheduled arrival time. The bus may be running a few minutes early or late until the drivers have become familiar with the stops and students.

  • Please arrive at the stop to meet your child 5-10 minutes before the scheduled drop off time. Bus drivers will not release children under 4th grade at any stop without a parent there to meet the child.

Permission for Transportation Changes

If your child needs to use other means of transportation aside from their normal daily routine such as riding a bus they are not assigned to, please follow this procedure:

  1. Handwrite a note that includes:

  • Your child’s first and last name

  • The physical address to which the child will be riding

  1. Remind your child to take the note to the office upon arriving at school to get a bus pass.

  2. The child will give the bus pass from the office to the bus driver upon boarding the bus.

Students MUST obtain a bus pass from the front office of the school they attend, they WILL NOT be permitted on any bus with a handwritten note from a parent.

School Bus Rules

These rules and regulations are for your child’s benefit. Bus drivers are instructed to report any infractions to the school principal.

Meeting the Bus – Students must:

  • Be on time. Students should be at their bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the regular pickup time but no earlier than ten (10) minutes before and remain at the stop until the bu arrives.

  • Not stand on the traveled portion of the roadway while waiting for the bus.

  • Not engage in play or other activities that will endanger themselves or their companions while waiting beside the road.

  • Not run alongside a moving bus, but wait until it has stopped, then walk to the front droo.

  • Board the bus in an orderly fashion.

  • Report immediately to the driver any illness or injury sustained on or around the bus.

Parents are responsible for their child’s behavior and safety to, from, and at the bus stop.

Leaving the Bus – Students must:

  • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Leave the bus in an orderly manner. Students in the front seat will be discharged first.

  • Leave the bus stop area when safety permits as soon as discharged from the bus. Do not loiter around the bus. If it is necessary to cross a highway, do so at the front of the bus and at a distance of at least ten (10) feet from the bus. Cross only when the driver has signaled that it is safe to do so.

Additional information can be found under Student Conduct on School Buses, policies JFCC and JFCC-CCPS-R

Conduct on the Bus – Students must:

  • Recognize that the bus driver is the authority on the bus; obey the bus driver and be courteous to the driver and to fellow students. The driver shall assign seats to maintain discipline and promote safety.

  • Go directly to your seat and remain seated until directed by the driver to do otherwise.

  • Not mar or deface the bus. Obscene writing, drawing, or pictures are prohibited. The pupil and/or their parent must pay for willful or careless damages.

  • Not use profanity or indecent language or obscene gestures.

  • Not use or be in possession of tobacco, illegal drugs, or alcohol.

  • Not extend arms, legs or any body parts out of the bus.

  • Not tamper with the emergency door or other bus equipment.

  • Not fight, scuffle, slap or harass others.

  • Not wave or shout to pedestrians or passengers in other vehicles.

  • Not throw objects within the bus, from the window, or at the bus from the outside.

  • Not carry oversized objects that would block the aisle causing loss of passenger seat space, obstruct the driver’s view, or create a safety hazard. Objects will be permitted only if they can be held in the student’s lap.

  • Not throw paper or liter on the floor.

  • Not sell or consume food or beverages.

  • Not chew gum.

  • Not engage in unnecessary loud talking or laughter.

  • Not operate any portable radios and/or other audio equipment.

  • Not sit on textbooks or other objects. Standing in the aisle is permitted only after all seats are filled.

  • Not have any unsafe objects, including but not limited to, water pistols, animals, reptiles, glass containers, aerosols, insects, matches, lighters, knives, firearms, roller blades, roller skates, skate boards, etc. in their possession. The driver has the right to refuse transportation to any such student who is in possession of such objects(s).

  • Be picked up and discharged at their designated stop; any deviation from this, the student must have a note from their parent signed by the principal.