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Theresa Holliday, Administrative Assistant

hollidayt@clarke.k12.va.us | 540.955.6147

Randy Trenary, Director of Operations


Safety Is Our Mission! 

Our team of drivers will strive to make each and every ride as safe as possible for your children.

Important Considerations During the First Two Weeks of School

The first two weeks of school are hectic. Your child may be attending school for the first time or attending a new campus within our district. Please keep in mind during those weeks that we also have new drivers.

Permission for Transportation Changes

If your child needs to use other means of transportation aside from their normal daily routine such as riding a bus they are not assigned to, please follow this procedure:

Students MUST obtain a bus pass from the front office of the school they attend, they WILL NOT be permitted on any bus with a handwritten note from a parent. 

School Bus Rules

These rules and regulations are for your child’s benefit. Bus drivers are instructed to report any infractions to the school principal.

Meeting the Bus – Students must:

Parents are responsible for their child’s behavior and safety to, from, and at the bus stop.

Leaving the Bus – Students must:

Additional information can be found under Student Conduct on School Buses, policies JFCC and JFCC-CCPS-R

Conduct on the Bus – Students must: