Instructional Technology Resource Teachers

The overall goal of the ITRT program is to provide effective support for curriculum and technology integration. The main challenge is to provide adequate training and support to bring teachers—at every point of the continuum, from tech. beginner to tech. expert—to an adequate level of technical expertise to meet learning goals to support student innovation and achievement.

Patrick Hausammann, Supervisor of Instructional Technology & ITRT

Boyce Elementary & Johnson-Williams Middle School



Jon Novick, ITRT

D.G. Cooley Elementary & Clarke County High School

Duties and responsibilities of an ITRT include but are not limited to the following:

  • Working collaboratively with individual teachers or groups of teachers to integrate technology into instruction

  • Assisting with curriculum and content development

  • Disseminating information regarding technology resources, emerging technologies, best practices using technology, and professional development opportunities

  • Facilitating or conducting technology-related professional development for school staff

  • Assessing levels of teacher and student technology use and skills

  • Modeling effective instructional strategies using technology

  • Serving as a member of the school technology committee

  • Supporting implementation of the division and state technology plan

  • Researching use of newer technologies in instruction

  • Using data to design technology-based instructional strategies

  • Recommending hardware, software, and related resources

  • Identifying trends in software, curriculum, teaching strategies, and other educational areas

  • Creating learning resources for teachers, staff, and students

  • Serving as a strong advocate for technology integration

  • Participating in software selection and use

CCPS Instructional Technology Supports (Sept. 2022)

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