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Sometimes you want to learn something that isn't part of an official CCPS professional development training. We recognize that and want to provide a way for you to earn the points you deserve for your learning and growth.

CCPS Solo PD gives you the option to seek and get PD anywhere you'd like on any topic you'd like and could use in your classroom. 

For example, you participate in a webinar or view YouTube videos on how to create and use Hyperdocs. You then create a Hyperdoc and use it in your classroom. Just fill out the Google Form on this page and you'll receive credit in Professional Growth (formerly My Learning Plan).

Had a meeting with an ITRT and implemented something you learned? Fill out the form for credit.

Learned something awesome on Twitter, created something, and used it in your classroom? Fill out the form for credit. If the training was more than 1 hour, indicate the number of hours in an open ended question on the Google Form.

If you're unsure if what you've  learned, created, and used in your classroom can count, please email your buildings ITRT.